Simple AECM brings together architecture, construction and engineering sectors

2 April, 2019

Architects, engineers and professionals of the industrial sector meet at a breakfast to learn about the Simple AECM cloud platform and how to take their projects to a decentralized and secure environment.

Butic The New School, has been one more time the meeting point where took place another Breakfast with Simple AECM. Sergio González, CTO, and Fernando Viñuales, COO both of them from Summus Render, introduced Simple AECM,  cloud platform that allows creation and managing of virtual studios where develope and to share projects from architecture, construction, and engineering.

Companies coming from the construction sector such as Arpada, architecture studios such as Morph Estudio and Natureback, were able to find out at first hand, advantages of transitioning to the cloud with solutions such as Simple AECM. Simple provides different virtual studio profiles with graphic capacities in the cloud allowing to the users be connected from anywhere and with any computer to a virtual desk keeping their personal configuration and software without need of updates, with a minimum investment, maximum security in an easy way. Simple AECM allows a collaborative work with high-security levels wherein professionals and companies, regardless of size, will share projects with different offices around the world.

Simple The Cloud services are a reality thanks to the advances that have been produced in virtualization technology and communications. For developing Simple platforms, strategic agreements have been necessary with partners such as IBM Cloud Services and VMware.

The event took place at butic The New School, a new school but with a long experience in the formation of companies and professionals in BIM, Architecture, VR, Design, 3D, VFX, etc. butic The New School offers a wide range of training and master’s services based on the Simple Education platform of SummuS, allowing attendance both in person and remotely from anywhere in the world.