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We are improving our online tool for Maya and 3DS Max with unmatched prices.

Prices from 0.0082 € GHzh and work-volume discounts up to 50%.

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Contact us to use other applications and don’t worry about supervising results!

For applications other than Maya or 3DS Max, or if you just want to secure render time; we will take care of it. 

With a cost of 0.08€ GHzh and work-volume discounts up to 40%. Set-up price not included.


Do you have a big project or are you going to need a group of machines continuously for an extended period of time? Then this is your option.

Hire dedicated farms for weeks or months, adapted to your own pipeline, and from only 0.60€ per render hour.


Render as a Service - Summus APP
Use our online SummuS APP (Application Processing Platform) tool to render images. Simply install the source-file synchronizer in your equipment and use the control panel to make use of all the power from SummuS.

In addition, if you work with Maya or 3DS Max, you can install application-specific plug-ins to launch your projects directly on our render nodes. Quick and easy!

This option is optimal for 3D Animation schools, colleges and institutes, as you have the possibility to distribute render credits among your students. This way you will be able to considerably reduce your in-house rendering costs. Click here to download our Press Kit for Academia.

Render as a Service - Supervised Render
Don’t use 3DS or Maya? Do you need to guarantee delivery times? Do you use any unsupported plug-in or software? Don’t worry, our technicians can help you.

With our supervised render service, we take care of everything. You simply send us your source files through FTP and only worry about downloading the results. 

Contact us to request the service or a quote

Dedicated Farms
If you are mid-sized production co. and require additional power for your render environment, make it easy: hire a dedicated farm with us.

  • Avoid unnecessary expenses and reduce operational costs. No more idle machines in non-productive periods.
  • Control your budget. No more surprises.
  • Secure and easy-to-use environment.
  • Machines dedicated exclusively to your project.
  • Adapted to your own pipeline for an “in-house” experience.
  • Discounts available depending on the number of nodes and time hired.
  • Direct and indirect costs included.
  • Direct management of the render queue.
  • Versatility in the number of hired nodes (by weeks).
Choose the render manager to use, or request the application of your own render manager in your dedicated farm.

Frequently Asked Questions
Which service is best for me?

The most economical service model for large projects (movies) is the dedicated farm, in which a custom farm is set up for the client to manage directly. In this type of service machines are rented by the week or month, and the price per render hour depends on the number of machines and the time period (the more machines and longer the time, the lower price per node per hour). This service is the cheapest one, but all the time used in testing or spent generating incorrect results is the client’s responsibility. In addition, the client has to control the render process, ensuring the results are correct.

For medium size projects, the most appropriate service model is the supervised render, in which SummuS staff monitors the process and assigns the necessary machines in order to meet the client’s deadline. The price in this case is 0.08€/GHzh, but we have work-volume discounts up to 40%. This kind of project has maximum priority in the farm. The main advantage is its convenience, as it is SummuS’ responsibility to manage any issues associated with the render process (excluding those asociated to the 3D model).

For smaller projects in Maya and 3DS, the most convenient option is the online service model through our automated platform “SummuS APP”. In this case the price depends on the volume of credits purchased (prepaid) and the desired priority. The client is in charge of the render process, but it can be controlled in real time through the web. Prices range from 0.02€/GHzh (lower priority and maximum credit volume purchased) to 0.07€/GHzh (maximum priority and minimum credit volume purchased). 


Yes, we adapt our schedules to our clients’ needs. However, supervised projects require prior notice in order to provide the necessary resources.

I use 3DS or Maya. Do I have to use the online application?

We recommend using the online application whenever possible because it has many advantages (direct management of the render process, access to results 24/7, minimum price, distributed equipment, processing power…). However, all service models are compatible with 3DS and Maya. 

Can I rent equipment to use my own software?

Yes, we offer the option of installing proprietary software upon demand. The client must have all the required and current licenses for the installation and configuration of the software in our nodes.