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With our Render as a service (RaaS)  system you get unlimited power 24/7. Currently available for Maya and 3D Studio Max.


Shorten delivery times according to the required processing power. In addition, all power that is not reserved by other customers is shared between active projects to reduce even further your render time without an increase in the GHZh price.

Unbeatable price and quality

Take advantage of our promotions and benefit from free additional credits. Thanks to our own high-efficiency Data Center, our prices are unbeatable. From 0.02 €/GHzh (€1.4 per render hour).

Main supported applications
3ds Max
Cinema 4D
After Effects
SummuS Render, highly efficient Render Farm
Most of the render farms in the world only offer both management and system configuration services, based on hardware they do not own and do not exclusively use. In the world of high-performance computing, and beyond, when the window of time for results is critical (as in the case of render), there may be many disadvantages in areas as important as costs, versatility, response time…

SummuS Render has its own Data Processing Center (DPC), which allows us to adapt to our customers’ internal processes. Thanks to our Data Center’s efficient design, which has won both national and international awards, such as the Data Center Innovation award given by Data Center Market magazine, or the Innovation in the Micro-Data Center award handed by DatacenterDynamics, SummuS’ production costs are much lower than our rivals’, which allows for unique prices for our customers.
Summus Render: Optimal quality guaranteed
Summus Render is characterized mainly by the quality and availability of its processing service. Using only top-branded equipment, through our own data center and a unlimited virtual load capacity, we offer unbeatable market prices. Whether you are freelancer with pressing deadlines, or a production company wanting to hire machines in service mode for longer time frames, we can help you.

We offer two main services:

render as a service

Make use of our online render system to obtain the best prices in the market. Get discounts by work volume and manage your projects in real time through the web.


Choose which render manager to use, or request the application of your own render manager in your exclusive dedicated farm.

Our Data Center
We use high-density systems from top brands in the market (HP, Juniper, Cisco…)

Our own DPC is designed for high-density computation and guarantees optimal energy consumption on which our prices rely.
Our render nodes, mainly based on HP’s “Blade” technology, offer 32 processing cores per machine and a high RAM capacity (starting at 32 GB).
Communication and storage-wise, we use highly available Gigabit and 10-Gibabit environments,  and systems with high concurrent reading and writing capacity.

These are some pictures of our Data Center:

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