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Online Rendering

Online rendering

Online RenderingIn order to successfully complete an animation project, having an efficient online rendering supplier at your disposal is a key factor. At SummuS we are in possession of all the technical means required to provide you with a service completely adaptable to your pipeline and framework. We are a Spanish company with our own data center made of more than a thousand processors, continuously computing for our clients and securing the best prices thanks to our management system and versatility.

No matter the size of the project, investing in full management of CPU time within our render farm– equipped with cutting-edge technology – will allow you to considerably shrink your deadline. Make use of our online calculator in order to estimate the benefits of the service. Please bear in mind that our online rendering tool is compatible with 3ds Max and Maya, meaning that you will be able to manage and monitor in real time the process from beginning to end.

Online rendering adaptable to your needs

Our flexible approach allows our online rendering to adapt to each one of our customers, who can benefit from maximum processing power. It is so that we offer three distinguishable services: in addition to the basic online rendering service, there is the supervised render model which allows you to work on projects designed with other software apart from 3ds Max or Maya. The other type of service would be the render farm dedicated service, available for long-term periods. This service is the ideal one for animated features, just like the ones that have been rendered in our form; all of them internationally recognized.