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Rendering Farm

Rendering farm

Rendering farm

A rendering farm is the perfect ally when it comes to digital animation; when taking into account this factor along with SummuS’ offer, the advantages presented by this type of service maximize. A proprietary data center as well as the three different available remote models developed by our founders, make us the go-to 3D rendering company in Spain, where reliability and competitive prices are the norm.

Take advantage of the flexibility that our online rendering tool presents, which allows for both Maya and 3ds Max interaction, while enjoying 24/7 support at a low cost. In case of working with other software, you can make use of our supervised render service, managed by our team of professionals. For those projects with a much bigger computational demand, we offer the dedicated farm service. You will have our supercomputers at your disposal, along with the usual set of advantageous conditions.

Rendering farm in Spain

Our render on demand proposal supported by the latest available technologies, delivers real time processing power which will considerably boost the consolidation of your models. Our rendering units are made of 32 cores, at least 32 GB RAM, as well as storage and communication equipment. We always employ cutting-edge components from the leading manufactures in the sector in order to provide you with the hardware reliability you are seeking. All of this has translated into market recognition of our integrated system, as well as into competitive prices. Our goal is to be regarded as the most advantageous render farmby our customers.