SummuS Render unveils Simple AECM, the cloud-based platform for architecture, engineering, and manufacturing markets

15 November, 2018

SummuS Render, yesterday showcased to a selected number of architecture, engineering, and manufacturing companies their new cloud virtual platform, Simple A.E.C. & M

This new platform, like its counterpart for the animation market, Simple Animation comes to be part of the different solutions for different markets that will offer “The Simple Cloud” of SummuS Render.

Simple AEC&M is a global digital content creation and management cloud-based platform targeting Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing markets offering virtual desktop solutions with graphics capability, allowing users to connect from anywhere by using basic remote desktops, accessing their personal configurations and applications.

Over the last few years, developments in the field of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), communications technologies or distributed networks have provided important architectural developments to accelerate the use of Simple cloud services as IaaS and SaaS. Certainly this has been possible thanks to our strategic partnership with IBM Cloud Services, VMware, Microsoft, and Nvidia.

Simple AEC&M platform is aimed to freelancers, small, medium and large companies, who seek flexibility and IT infrastructure optimization taking advantages of the cloud in a simple and affordable way in any part of the world, thanks to the infrastructure offered by IBM Cloud Services partner with 60 data centres spread all over the world.

Simple A.E.C. & M facilitates the transition to the cloud thanks to its flexibility and efficiency allowing easy project management, time saving, high scalability and a significant cost reduction. All within a secure, fast and stable environment.