Simple Animation launching a hybrid model

12 November, 2018

Simple Animation is currently offering an alternative hybrid model allowing transitioning into cloud at customer request.

Studios can continue now using their pipeline, implementing Simple Animation Pipeline manager locally and keep using their local infrastructure such as workstations, storage and servers. At times when required they can extend to the cloud by using Simple cloud services and have access to additional resources such as virtual workstations, storage and render nodes on a pay per use model. The main advantages of using Simple Animation pipeline manager locally is being able to develop and improve their pipeline, simplify server infrastructures while having a coordinated work-team force accessing the appropriate assets per studio or project. On the other hand, the benefits of extending to Simple Animation cloud, are the direct, transparent and fast way to escalate if needed on a pay per concurrent user, having coordinated teams around different locations working together, keeping data within a redundant and secure environment including flexible backup systems.

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