Simple Animation is coming back to Siggraph 2018

24 July, 2018

SummuS Render will unveil the first release of Simple Animation, at Siggraph 2018, the virtual studio cloud-based for animation and VFX studios

Simple Animation, after its success at MIFA 2018 Annecy (France), it will be at SIGGRAPH 2018 (Vancouver – Canada) on 14th–16th August.

Along these days, at booth 533, several demo-sessions will take place about the power of a cloud-based platform creating virtual animation studios. In a nutshell, the revolution of digital content creation is here.

Attendees will see how to manage and define virtual workstations with different graphic capacities, high speed storage, while using any 3D/2D app from major industry leaders with access to a configurable pipeline. Simple Animation will provide their user benefits such as cost savings, state-of-the-art technology, legal compliant software licenses, data security and privacy, multi-site service and a friendly usage.

A perfect team

Simple Animation has chosen outstanding technological partners.

IBM Cloud and VMware, have given us access to a global infrastructure with systems that include virtual GPUs and the capacity of transfer data between sites in an environment that meets all needs for local access, low latency, and certified security.


SummuS Render S.L., parent company of Simple Animation, is one of the world’s leading 3D rendering farms. Since its foundation, SummuS has specialized in the field of animation and VFX. SummuS Render proprietary Data Processing Center allows maximum flexibility to adapt to their customers’ needs and has been awarded prizes such as the national Data Center Market 2013 award, and the prestigious international Innovation Micro Data Center award 2014 by Datacenter Dynamics, thanks to its efficient design.

Additionally, SummuS Render has launched under the brand name, the first automated low-cost rendering service in the world for small producers and independent professionals.

Find out more about Simple Animation watching this video: