Simple Animation Comes True

23 May, 2018

SummuS Render launches Simple Animation.

Get Ready for a new experience

SummuS Render, a leading company in 3D rendering, is proud to announce the release of Simple Animation. A secured and scalable global cloud-based virtual animation and VFX studio, providing a unique set of unified features and services in order to set up your production needs, while allowing access to the platform from almost anywhere in the world through a fast and secured connectivity.

After more than one year of R&D following a product sneak preview at SIGGRAPH L.A. in 2017, Simple Animation breaks into the industry as an innovative solution for independent professionals and studios of all sizes.

Simple Animation users will be able to manage their virtual workstations on demand, high speed storage, while using any 3D/2D app from major industry leaders while having access to a configurable pipeline.

Simple Animation has chosen outstanding technological partners as IBM Cloud, to help you solve problems and advance opportunities in a world flush with data, offering access to the networks of nearly 60 data centers in 19 countries, built to meet your needs for local access, low latency and certified security. And VMware, industry leading visualization software company looking beyond the barriers of compromise to engineer new ways to make technologies work together seamlessly forming a digital foundation that powers the apps, services and experiences that are transforming the world.

Simple Animation will be available from May 14th,2018.

Pricing strategy will be based on a weekly, monthly or annual basis depending on the number of virtual workstation, specs such as vCore, vRAM and graphic capacity, storage and rendering capabilities.