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Breaking Down 3D Noise

1 June, 2016

In the field of CGI, image noise is that variable which allows for quality evaluation after a 3D rendering process. It is mostly caused when.

ALLEYCATS, the new short-film by BLOW STUDIO

23 April, 2016

In the first edition of SUMMA3D, BLOW STUDIO presented its short-film project Alleycats,

3D Medical Visualization

11 April, 2016

Nowadays 3D design/animation is acquiring a bigger presence in other sectors apart from the conventional ones.

A Conversation with Alberto Cano from Lightbox Entertainment

11 April, 2016

Alberto Cano is a CG artist that specializes in 3D modelling, in particular set and props design.

Capture the Flag & Underdogs land in USA

1 March, 2016

Two new animated feature films for which SUMMUS provided 3D rendering for are setting foot in the American market

SUMMA3D 2016 is now open!!

25 February, 2016

SUMMA3D is a 3D animation contest, currently in its 3rd edition, designed for CGI or VFX students, emerging and qualified professionals

3D Rendering takes on Cloud-Computing

29 December, 2015

The Evolution of the cloud Nowadays IT has become accustomed to the concept of cloud storage.

Let’s talk Short-Films!

1 October, 2015

At SummuS’ Render we deeply believe in the diverse pool of talent present in the 3D animation sector in our country. Sometimes it only takes.

A well-executed job by ‘Capture the flag’

15 September, 2015

‘Capture the flag’ is the last 3D animated feature film developed by the Spanish animation studio LIGHTBOX ENTERTAINMENT. The film has been released this last.