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Caixa Capital Risc, a new shareholder in Summus Render

2 March, 2017

This operation will boost the development of Simple Animation, a 100%


10 January, 2017

It Won the third prize of the Summa3D International Contest in the category of

High-Tech rendering in the “Ozzy” movie

5 December, 2016

State-of-the-art technology, management and creativity have joined to provide the rendering process of the Spanish “Ozzy” film

Breaking Down 3D Noise

1 June, 2016

In the field of CGI, image noise is that variable which allows for quality evaluation after a 3D rendering process. It is mostly caused when.

ALLEYCATS, the new short-film by BLOW STUDIO

23 April, 2016

In the first edition of SUMMA3D, BLOW STUDIO presented its short-film project Alleycats,

3D Medical Visualization

11 April, 2016

Nowadays 3D design/animation is acquiring a bigger presence in other sectors apart from the conventional ones.

A Conversation with Alberto Cano from Lightbox Entertainment

11 April, 2016

Alberto Cano is a CG artist that specializes in 3D modelling, in particular set and props design.

Capture the Flag & Underdogs land in USA

1 March, 2016

Two new animated feature films for which SUMMUS provided 3D rendering for are setting foot in the American market

SUMMA3D 2016 is now open!!

25 February, 2016

SUMMA3D is a 3D animation contest, currently in its 3rd edition, designed for CGI or VFX students, emerging and qualified professionals

3D Rendering takes on Cloud-Computing

29 December, 2015

The Evolution of the cloud Nowadays IT has become accustomed to the concept of cloud storage.