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Simple Animation at Technical Conferences of BIT Audiovisual 2018 – Cloud and Virtualization

28 June, 2018

Video of Simple Animation at Technical Conferences of BIT Audiovisual 2018 – Cloud and Virtualization. Sergio González, CEO SummuS Render – 9th May 2018 IFEMA.

Simple Animation at MIFA2018 Annecy at a glance

20 June, 2018

Have a glance!  This was Simple Animation at MIFA2018 Annecy

Simple Animation will be unveiled at MIFA 2018 Annecy Festival

8 June, 2018

SummuS Render will unveil the first release of Simple Animation, at MIFA 2018, the virtual studio cloud-based focused animation and VFX studios.

Simple Animation Comes True

23 May, 2018

SummuS Render launches Simple Animation. Get Ready for a new experience

SummuS Render transforms animation process with as-a-service solution built on IBM Cloud

16 April, 2018

The process of animating a feature film has come a long way since 1937, when Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was made..

Summus Render nominated to Panorama Awards 2018 in the category of Company of the Year

6 March, 2018

SummuS Render has been nominated to the Panorama Awards 2018 in the category of best Company of the Year. Please vote here:

Awards Ceremony of the International 3D Short Film Festival Summa 3D 2017

20 December, 2017

Summary of the Awards Ceremony of the IVth edition of the Summa 3D Animation Festival that took place at the Cinema Academy last November 3rd

Simple Animation X+ Party 2017

11 December, 2017

The Simple Animation‘s team wants to thank all the sponsors such as  Summus Render SL, Butic, The New School. Datech Spain. Illusorium Studios, LA PEQUEÑA FÁBRICA, compañía de publicitarios, Animal’s House.

Summus Render invested half a million hours in the rendering of ‘Tadeo Jones 2’

23 November, 2017

SummuS Render, one of the main rendering farms in the world, specializing in animation films, VFX and architectural visualization, has scored another success in its.

Simple Animation, a completely safe and scalable virtual animation studio cloud-based

13 November, 2017

The marketing director and the product manager of Simple Animation, José Luis Fernández Alegre and Eduardo Serna, introduce in this video-interview the first platform capable.