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SummuS Render provides rendering services to the short “The Witness” of “Love, Death + Robots” series by Netflix

11 April, 2019

The animation studio Pinkman.TV has engaged rendering services of Summus Render for his short film “The Witness” directed by Alberto Mielgo.

Simple AECM brings together architecture, construction and engineering sectors

2 April, 2019

Architects, engineers and professionals of the industrial sector meet at a breakfast to learn about the Simple AECM cloud platform and how to take their.

Breakfast with Simple AECM and butic The New School

11 March, 2019

Architects, engineers and design professionals find out Simple Cloud solutions and how to face the transition to the cloud in a smoothly way.

En 2019, descubre la revolución de la producción en la nube. Con Simple Animation, simplemente sucede

8 January, 2019

Desde el principio de los tiempos, la evolución de la tecnología ha modificado nuestros hábitos, rutinas y entornos de forma constante, y nos es diferente.

New pipeline developer API available at Simple Animation

15 November, 2018

Simple Animation now includes a developer API for pipeline development. Now it is possible to extend Simple Animation tools, create additional ones, add new processes,.

SummuS Render unveils Simple AECM, the cloud-based platform for architecture, engineering, and manufacturing markets

15 November, 2018

SummuS Render, yesterday showcased to a selected number of architecture, engineering, and manufacturing companies their new cloud virtual platform, Simple A.E.C. & M

Simple Animation launching a hybrid model

12 November, 2018

Simple Animation is currently offering an alternative hybrid model allowing transitioning into cloud at customer request.

Simple Animation also targeting now the educational sector

12 November, 2018

Simple Animation has recently updated its platform introducing new features providing additional value and support to the educational market.

SummuS, the render farm provider of “Pip”, an animated short film presented by Southeastern Guide Dogs

29 October, 2018

SummuS Render is so proud of being part as render farm provider of the project “Pip”, a short-animated film presented by Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc.,.

Simple Animation is coming back to Siggraph 2018

24 July, 2018

SummuS Render will unveil the first release of Simple Animation, at Siggraph 2018, the virtual studio cloud-based for animation and VFX studios