SimpleCloud Launches Virtual Desktop Platform for Higher Education to Maintain Class Continuity and Equitable Access to Technology

30 September, 2020

September 16, 2020 — LOS ANGELES and MADRID —SimpleCloud, the cloud-based remote workplace, today announced its education platform that allows classroom instruction to go remote in a matter of hours and maintain instruction continuity in applications like Autodesk, Adobe, Unity and Unreal Engine just to name a few. A short video explaining the key capabilities of SimpleCloud for Education can be viewed here.

Reducing the technology barrier for students entering universities and colleges this year, SimpleCloud can help retain students for the semester and lower costs without compromising access to technology. Classes that require specific software suites or team collaboration in sectors such as design, animation, architecture, game development and engineering, can work with professors in virtual classrooms and labs, lowering health risks.

The usage of virtual desk solutions, with unlimited graphic capacity in the cloud, allows users to connect to powerful virtual desktops from anywhere. SimpleCloud virtual classrooms allow students to use any type of PC or browser and instructors can teach across the SimpleCloud platform viewing 50 students at a time.

“In our virtual classroom environments, professors can schedule courses with preloaded profiles, applications and data.  In addition, professors can gain full control over a student’s desktop to address questions and apply hands-on remote help when needed,” said Olivier Wolff, CEO of SimpleCloud and a media and entertainment veteran most recently from Warner Brothers. “SimpleCloud is truly changing the way schools can quickly keep their labs and classrooms operational, in the cloud, remote from anywhere and able to scale with registration.”

The famous ArtCenter College of Desing in Pasadena, California have already brought classrooms, labs, professional training and internship programs online this Spring when the pandemic first hit the world: “With SimpleCloud we have been able to ensure continuity of our key classes in game design and art, despite the school being closed. The solution was up and running in less than 48 hours with all the software tools we needed,” said Christophe Gomez, Director of the Game Design Program at ArtCenter College of Desing.

Olivier Wolff continues, “We are committed to always innovate to improve the education experience, increasing the accessibility and flexibility of the way courses are delivered and enabling remote use of existing infrastructures.  We are proud to have been named in the Gartner report: Gartner “Enabling Remote Access to PC Labs in Higher Education,” Stuart Downes, Robert Yanckello, 27 August 2020.

In partnership with IBM, SimpleCloud recently brought the prestigious institution butic The New School into virtual learning as well, read more from the case study here.