Simple Animation and Simple AECM, the cloud platforms from SummuS Render, are now providing higher graphic capacity and more processor power in every virtual workstation

23 April, 2019

Animation and VFX studios, architects, engineers, and manufacturing professionals, will already be able to enjoy a significant improvement in graphic and processor capacity in all virtual workstation series of Simple Animation y Simple AECM.

Among different improvements included in the virtual workstations of Simple Cloud platforms, users will find out the accelerator GPU NVIDIA Tesla P100 with NVIDIA CUDA  parallel computing architecture that allows a higher improvement in the GPU power by providing a dramatic increase at the graphical performance of the system.

On the other hand, Simple Animation and Simple AECM improve their virtual machines by installing a powerful processor Intel Xeon E5-2690 v4.

This processor includes more CPU cores (28) that help to process multiple processes or heavily multi-threaded applications and comes with higher operating frequency.

The CPU features more bandwidth, which helps to avoid memory bottlenecks and increase performance in memory bound programs.

All these improvements have been included free of charge in all virtual workstation profiles of Simple Animation and Simple AECM; Mod. Entry, Entry+, Mid, High y High+.

Simple Cloud Platforms and NVIDIA Cuda