Summus Render invested half a million hours in the rendering of ‘Tadeo Jones 2’

23 November, 2017

SummuS Render, one of the main rendering farms in the world, specializing in animation films, VFX and architectural visualization, has scored another success in its rendering services with Tadeo Jones 2, the animation of Enrique Gato and David Alonso.

After nine consecutive weeks without getting off the ‘Top 10’, ‘Tadeo Jones 2. “The secret of King Midas’, is the most watched Spanish animation film in history with more than three million viewers.

The second film dedicated to the mason-archaeologist surpasses the opening film of the saga, ‘The Adventures of Tadeo Jones’, released in August 2012 and also rendered by SummuS Render.

The rendering period of the film was between January and April 2017. About 200 nodes were used on average reaching 500 processing nodes in the most intense moments. The process of rendering the film took more than half a million hours in total.

Summus Render has provided rendering services to animated feature films that have won several Goya prizes, such as Las Aventuras de Tadeo Jones (2012) and Futbolín (2013) or Atrapa la Bandera (2015), as well as productions such as Ozzy (2016), Final Fantasy XV (2016) or Animal Crackers and Tadeo Jones 2. Part of Warcraft movie and some passages of Game of Thrones of season 5 have also been rendered.