Summa 3D, the international contest of animation shorts, awards the prizes in its fourth edition

6 November, 2017

“Twin Islands”, de Manon Sailly (animation short-film); “Down to the Wire”, of Juan Carlos Mostaza (animation short-film, public award); “Solstice”, of Emilio Rivera (3D animation short-film project); and “Colrun”, of Alex Relloso, (character design);

were winners of the fourth edition of the International 3D animation short-films contest Summa3D that took place in Madrid the last 3thd of November. The honor prize went to Marcos Fajardo, of Arnold (Solid Angle).

The awards ceremony of the fourth edition of the International Short Film Contest, organized by Summus Render and presented by the actor and humourist Bermúdez, brought together a large part of the Spanish and international animation industry at the Academy of the Sciences and Cinematographic Arts in Madrid.

Sergio González, CEO of Summus Render, owner of the Simple Animation solution, sponsor of the award for the short animation most voted by the public, explained the advantages of the Simple Animation application for producers and artists specialized in animation.

“Simple Animation will revolutionize the way how animation and 3D industry works. It allows great savings, control of the budget, the incorporation of the latest software and working with teams distributed anywhere around the world”, said González.

José Luis Fernández Alegre, marketing director at Summus Render, highlighted the importance of cutting-edge technology in the development of the animation industry internationally. “We have to change the way we work. There are already applications, such as Simple Animation, that allow you to organize virtual animation studies, cheaper and operational. And with artists working anywhere around the world



CHARACTER DESIGN: (gives the prizes Eduardo Serna of Summus Render)

1º prize: “COLRUN “, of Alex Relloso

2º prize: “THE GRUMPY GOSHT”, of Alex Relloso and Jorge Durán

3º prize: “NILO”, of Lautaro Berrueco

ANIMATION SHORT-FILM PROJECT (gives the prizes Gerardo Álvarez)

1º prize: “SOLSTICE” of Emilio Rivera (Mago Audiovisual Production)

2º prize: “THE GRUMPY GOSHT” of Alex Relloso and Jorge Durán

3º prize: “COLRUN” of Jorge Valero Sarria

ANIMATION SHORT-FILM (gives the prizes José Ángel Palacio of TechData)

1º prize: “TWIN ISLANDS”, of Manon Sailly

2º prize: “OVERRUN”, of Pierre Ropars

3º prize: “ALLEYCATS” of Alejandro Jiménez and Bernardo González

ANIMATION SHORT-FILM, PUBLIC AWARD (Prize sponsored by Simple Animation – gives the prize Sergio González, CEO at Summus Render).

DOWN TO THE WIRE of Juan Carlos Mostaza