Simple Animation continues with its world launch after the success in Siggraph 2017

20 September, 2017

Simple Animation, the first cloud based, virtual, animation studio that includes a free animation pipeline complete and scalable, was unveiled successfully during the Siggraph2017, in Los Angeles, (California).

After the recognition obtained with its presentation in Siggraph, Simple Animation, the first cloud-based, virtual, animation studio that includes a free animation pipeline complete and scalable, continues to create excitement not only in the international animation industry but also in the industrial design.  That’s why SummuS continues its roadshow to continue making Simple Animation known. The next appointment will be in Spain: 3D Wire 2017 (from 5 to 8 October, in Segovia).

Up until now, any conventional animation studio needed solutions to meet certain basic needs to set up a production. These included:

  • Data management (storage)
  • Workstations or VDI with GRID technology
  • Software Licenses (Autodesk, Adobe, Microsoft, etc.)
  • Production Management (shotgun integrated)
  • Human Resources

Thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, Simple allows its users to create a virtual studio which is completely based on the cloud. The user will be able to define the number of workstations, storage, software (number of licenses) as well as assign roles and permission within the production manager (Shotgun) using a pay per use plan in terms of time. The user pays depending on the amount of time used in order to maintain flexibility and the ability to be adaptable in every aspect of the production.

Simple animation users will no longer need to worry about managing the selection and purchasing the latest generation hardware as well as renting software licenses, managing storage space, programming backups and controlling complex IT systems. Simple offers a homogeneous animation studio which is completely legal, secure and scalable.

Its architecture, which is based on the cloud, enables users to access the platform from anywhere in the world. This allows artists to work from remote locations without having to download anything in order to work on their projects.

The software will be ready for you to use on multiple projects as well as with different pipelines without taking into account the different versions of software or hardware requirements of each project since Simple automatically adapts to the requirements of each production.