30 May, 2017

Statements in Simple Animation TV. The Invisibles of the cinema “, dedicated to its first delivery to the actors of dubbing.

A dubbing actress from the age of 12, Sandra García Jara, declares in the first chapter of “The Invisibles of Cinema”, that she is involved in her profession since she has “use of reason” and thanks to her mother, also a dubbing actress, she began in a job that lives with passion.

She can currently be heard in the “Arrow” series playing the hacker “Felicity”, a role she also plays in the “NCIS Los Angeles” series.

Sandra feels very comfortable in front of the lectern, doubling characters of all kinds, but what most amuses her is to work in animation. “Because it is where I can best contribute my experience. In animation, I handle different codes. You must be alert and be quick since the character does not gesturally warn that he is going to start talking as movie stars. “

When we asked about her beginnings, Sandra remembers and tells us about her first animated role, in the cartoon series “Los osos amorosos”, where she represented the baby bear. But who is most grateful, because of the experience she got, was with “Rugrats: Adventures in Diapers.” There she was a “cazallero” doll that revealed the possibilities of his craft. “That character gave me public recognition and discovered a new world in my throat. My vocal cords could do things that I did not know until now. I expanded the record as a dubbing actress. Until that moment I only worked with children’s characters, with a sharp voice. “

Sandra has worked for numerous Disney titles. Also, there she had the opportunity to contribute a rich voice in nuances, especially in “Rompe Ralph“, where he put his voice to Vanelope, after to surpass a process of difficult casting, as much as the voice that later interprets.

She admires the majors’ work on their zeal for taking care of work. “In the majors, the product is care and, therefore, you have more time to create your character and to investigate on the most suitable tones”.

For the profane, it is the beauty of the voice that can introduce you to the world of dubbing, but in Sara’s opinion, it is not the most important thing. “I’d say the voice is the least. Voices of all kinds appear in the films. If you have a wonderful voice, it’s great; But you really need to be an actor. Know how to cry and laugh suddenly, when it arises, for example. We consider ourselves totally actors, although with a different media “.


Preferred characters: “As a child, I would have liked to be the Maya bee, later Pocoyo, and nowadays whoever puts me ahead”

Useful advice: “See, hear and silence” and above all humility “.

A reference dubbing actor: “My mother, who was able to play the roles of four-year-olds with more than fifty. And, Matilde Conesa, the greatest, no doubt.

The biggest professional stimulus: “A character that makes me feel, that excites me and gives me the opportunity to thrill others.”

A strange challenge: “to dub in Russian without understanding it.”

A challenge to achieve: “direct”

One wish: “I hope there will be a future in which the actors of the film are recognized and we can have the cache of the image actors. I see it a bit complicated, but anything can happen.