Summus Render announces, “Simple Animation TV”, a Youtube channel for the animation and VFX industry

9 May, 2017 0 Comments
  • The first program, ” The invisibles of the cinema”, will consist of several chapters driven by Carlos Soto, “Bermúdez”, comedian, actor and TV presenter.
  • The actress of dubbing, Sandra García Jara, will be the guest in the first chapter of “The invisibles of the cinema “.

Simple Animation TV is the new audiovisual channel in Youtube launched by SummuS, one of the main render farm worldwide, focused on the animation films, VFX, and visualization. Its goal is to approach to the current issues in the film industry and targeting to cinema professionals and followers.

“Simple Animation TV” begins its journey with the program “The Invisibles of the cinema”, where different professionals of the animation and movie industry, that lack the visibility of actors or directors, will be interviewed by Carlos Soto “Bermúdez”, comedian, actor and TV presenter, and they will talk about the keys to their job, how they begun and which are their current and upcoming projects.

The first chapter of “The Invisibles of the Cinema” starts with the interview of the actress of dubbing, Sandra García Jara, where she talks about her extensive experience lending her voice to all kinds of characters in the fiction and animation films, TV series and video games.

In animation, Sandra García Jara has participated in series such as “Rugrat’s (Tommy Pickles),” Brat’z “(Cloe),” Pepa Pig “(Zoe Zebra) or in animated films like” Rompe Ralph “(Vanellope), among other productions.

She also has dubbed TV series such as “Modern Family” (Lily, Kaitlyn Dever), “The Vampire Diaries” (Caroline, Candice Accola), “Arrow” (Felicity Smoacks and Emily Bett), “NCIS Los Ángeles” (Nell Jones, Renné Felice), “Prince of Bel-Air” (Ashley Banks) or “Full House” (Michelle, Gemelas Olsen), among others. Additionally, she has worked in She has also participated in numerous feature films including “High School Musical” 1 and 2 (Gabriella Montes, Vanessa Hudges).

The next chapters of “The Invisibles of the Cinema”, will be invited professionals such as directors, lighters, animation directors, scriptwriters, producers, VFX supervisors, riggers, storyboarders, as well as company executives who bring their technology to this sector.