10 January, 2017

It Won the third prize of the Summa3D International Contest in the category of “Short Project”

We have just started the rendering process of “Back in Fashion”, the animated short that won the third prize of the last edition of the Summa3D international contest in the “Short Project” category.
The prize is based in an economic help in the rendering process of the short valorated in 1000 euros, which will take about 11,000 hours of work at the facilities of Summus Render.
The category “Short Project” is aimed at producers, directors and scriptwriters who are immersed in the creation of an animation short film that is not finished and has a development that can be evaluated at the project level (Bible). It is a clear commitment of SummuS and Summa3D and the rest of the sponsors for the new talents and the decisive support for creative projects to bring light and to reinforce the industry of the animation in Spain.

“Back in Fashion” is the first 3D animation project of Most Wanted, studio specialized in production and postproduction (image and sound). This short film, directed by Belinda Bonan, was made with the 3D animation software Blender and its lighting engine Cycle.

Most Wanted Studio started in 2007 as audio recording studio, but soon became a specialist in VFX and Animation effects. With “Back in Fashion” they have taken another important leap towards the production and own creation of animation works, an initiative that begins with very good foot.

Pascal Benard, one of the best designers of all time, has returned to the world of fashion, after his sudden withdrawal in the late 90’s. The fact has such a repercussion, that the mythical BPC is recording a special on his return and the new collection that will present in the fashion show of Paris for its documentary series “Back in Fashion”.

◦ Director: Belinda Bonan
◦ Script: Joan Rubinat and Belinda Bonan
◦ Production: Joan Rubinat and Belinda Bonan
◦ Edition: Belinda Bonan
◦ Concept Artist: Álex Monge
◦ Storyboard Artist: David Carretero
◦ Modeler: Guillem Vila
◦ Rigger: Carles Serramontmany
◦ Previz. Artist & Animator: Belinda Bonan
◦ Lighting Artist & Composer: Marc Alloza
◦ BSO, Sound & Foley: Joan Rubinat
◦ Translators: Laia Baqué and Paul van den Broeck