SUMMA3D 2016 is now open!!

25 February, 2016

SUMMA3D is a 3D animation contest, currently in its 3rd edition, designed for CGI or VFX students, emerging and qualified professionals, as well as those who deeply love animated features or the CGI & VFX field, and are willing to show their work and designs. By coming together we will be able to support new talent, new projects, and develop a united front that boosts the 3D animation sector.

We want this to be a long-lasting contest, and to see it become a benchmark for future generations in the world of animation.

Its goals are to:

  1. Help production companies find qualified professionals
  2. Reward and promote new talent in all areas of the production spectrum
  3. Motivate this new talent to introduce their projects and ideas
  4. Promote new material that is ready to be produced
  5. Show our commitment to culture and business challenges
  6. Boost economic development in the sector: locally, nationally, and as the contest grows, internationally

This year’s category include:

  1. Best VFX in Cinema Advertising
  2. 3D Short-Film Project
  3. Finished 3D Short-Film
  4. Character Design

In order to learn more visit

You can also register on FESTHOME.COM.

Remember that the deadline is June 15, 2016. Don’t miss out!!