Granja de Render Online - SummuS



SummuS is a Spanish renderfarm, currently the most important one in the country, equipped with a powerful data center infrastructure. We provide more than a thousand processors integrated with IT components designed by leading tech brands. The unrivalled level of efficiency we provide for animation can be remotely delivered to freelance/independent projects, as well as dedicated farm services which might take up to several months to finish. Whatever the model, you will benefit from a wide range of compatible application and plugins.

Check the rates for each on the services available in our renderfarm: these will suit your needs and will match the level of reliability that comes when working with a company which owns its own infrastructure. We have paid close attention to the design of our systems in order to provide the most efficient performance, making the most out of our 32 cores and at least 32GB RAM. All of this translates into a positive customer experience.

Globally awarded Renderfarm available for you

Our rendering service has been recognized several times, both in terms of technical features – the innovative nature of our data center has been awarded in this area – as well as in the field of animation. We are proud to have been part of animated features which have been awarded the Goya to best animated feature. Nevertheless we have maintained competitive prices for our services, so that freelance designers can also outsource their projects to us. Our systems are available 24/7 and it is our goal to share all available power among active clients, so that you will be able to have access to a more advantageous 3D rendering process that the one originally acquired.