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Render farm

Render farm

If you are seeking a reliable render farm in which to materialize all of your projects, fluently and economically, then SummuS is your solution. We have been providing 3d rendering services for globally successful animated features, though we are also open to assist freelancers with any type of rendering needs. Our online platform supports both Maya and 3ds Max, as well as a wide range of plugins. We can also serve more specific render/software requests; should you have any question, please let us know.

The main difference between us and other cloud-based render farms is that we manage our own data center. This way, there are a considerable amount of advantages in terms of reliability and costs at your disposal when rendering your frames with us. It should also be noticed that our variable set of resources allows us to adapt to different frameworks, as our facility is made of more than 1,000 processors developed by leading tech brands.

Render farm in Spain

Our service entails the possibility of developing a render farm project, which includes online management in real-time. This dynamic feature allows you to outperform your pre-configured rendering power when additional resources become available. You can also acquire your own dedicated farm within our own data center (the most suitable option for large-scale projects). In all cases, our rendering price is based on a set of predefined rates which you can easily consult. Our payment system relies on the purchase of virtual credits; this provides a much more efficient transactional environment, as well as a more proper rendering process.